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Current Issue December 2020

Volume -7 Issue - 3

The Hijras, Gender Dysphoria and Fiction: A Psychosocial Perspective - Rajeshwar MittapalliDownloadOrienting Human Consciousness towards Nature: A Study of Ruskin Bond’s Stories - Raj Kumar MishraDownloadGita Mehta’s Karma Cola: An Attempt of Social Reform - Prakash Bhadury and Aparna MishraDownloadUnveiling the Image of Blacks in White American Society: Dream, Desire, Hopes and Despair in the Poems of Langston Hughes - Ambreen Safdar KharbeDownloadSignificance and Aptness of Titles in Robert Frost’s Poetry - Ambreen Safdar KharbeDownloadFactors Influencing Learners of English as a Second Language: An Overview - Pew MajiDownloadTraumatized Effect of the Anomalous Environment : A Critical Analysis on Amitav Ghosh “The Hungry Tide” - Poonam PanditDownloadTradition, Pride, And Glory In Beowulf - Ömürcan TürkoğluDownloadSurpass – a poem - Prakash BhaduryDownloadComprehensible Input Hypothesis in SLA Contexts: Myths and Facts - S. A. Thameemul AnsariDownload