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Volume 6 - Issue 3December 2019

Volume 6 - Issue 3

Anne Koedt: Politics of the Female Orgasm and Female Sexuality - Dr Munir DownloadInterpretation of the Novel 'Yogmaya': A Critical Discourse Perspective - Dr. Poorna Bahadur Kadel DownloadAmbedkar and the Making of Modern Indian Nation* - Dr. Yagati Chinna Rao DownloadThe Practice of Mahabharata: A Case Study of Bangladesh from 1971 to Present - Md. Bakebillaha and Morve Roshan K.DownloadMyth as an Organising Principle in the Select Plays of Girish Karnad - Shubhalaxmi DownloadSecond Voice – a short story - Ömürcan TürkoğluDownloadIstanbul: My memoir on a city of Turkish Republic - Suma Priyadarshini B K Download