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Volume 6 - Issue 2August 2019

Volume 6 - Issue 2

Translations from Telugu to English: A Classified Bibliography on Poetry and Short Stories - Dr. K. PurushothamDownloadCritical Reflections on Georgeo Agamben’s Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life - Dr. Parthasarathi MuthukkaruppanDownloadElaine Showalter: Models and Dimensions of Gynocentric Feminist Criticism - Dr. Munir DownloadFluer Adcock as an Expatriate Poet - Tazin Ahmeda and Morve Roshan KDownloadBuddhism as Emancipation: A Philosophy that Liberates the Self and the World - Dr. Santosh RautDownloadBharat Appraised: India and Dr. Ambedkar - Dr. Santosh RautDownloadCasting Honour: Reading Inter-caste Love in South Indian Cinema - Dr. T. Sowjanya DownloadA Thematic Study on the Concept of ‘Identity Crisis’ in Afro-American Writings - S.A.Thameemul AnsariDownload