Scholar Critic

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An International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
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Volume 1 - Issue 1April 2014

The Seminal Visibility of Belonging(less)ness: Unravelling the Hyphenated Identity in Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed- Prof.V.Ravinaidu and Mutyala SureshDownloadMulticulturalism in Postcolonial Era and its Affinity with Comparitive Literature and Translation Studies - Narendra Kumar JangidDownloadAn Inquiry into Our Collective Past: A Comparative Analysis of Irawati Karve’s Yuganta and Devdutt Pattanaik’s Jaya- Kirti Y.NakhareDownloadDoes the Discipline of Comparative Literature Really Win its Battles? : A Critical Study- Drisya. KDownloadChanging Trends of Indian Writing in English in the Last Century- Dr. Radha M.ParikhDownloadComparative Literature and Translation: The Changing Contours of Relationship- R. Sreejith VarmaDownloadListening to Voices from Within: Negotiating Globalization in Kannada Narratives- Dr. T. Avinash DownloadEtiquettes in English: Where? and How?- Mr.N.Samuel Prasantha Kumar, Dr.V Anitha Devi and Dr.Sarika Gupta TyagiDownloadAuthentic Texts as Pedagogic Tools in English Language Classroom- Suresh Babu MoparthiDownloadThe Role of Textbook Evaluation on Second Language Teaching and Learning: A Perspective- A. Rajesh, C. Rufus Inbakumar and Dr. Sarika TyagiDownloadLiberation Theology of Dalit Literary Narratives: A Study of Madduri Nagesh Babu's Naraloka Prarthana- Dr. P. Kesava KumarDownloadThe Song of Unity- Madduri Nagesh Babu Translated into English by Dr. Siva Nagaiah BolleduDownloadArs Erotica vs. Scientia Sexualis: Studying Foucauldian and Classical Indian Discourse on Sex and Body- Prof. B. Thirupati RaoDownload