Scholar Critic

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An International Journal of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
(Triannual, Peer-Reviewed, Indexed and Open Access Online & Print Journal)

About Us

Scholar Critic is a refereed international journal committed for education and empowerment.

The journal invites research articles, book reviews, literary essays and creative writings in English and/or translated into English by scholars, critics and teaching fraternity of academic and research interests.

The papers following the prescribed guidelines in style and language, text format and citation of quotations and references in compliance with \\\\\'MLA Hand Book - Recent Edition\\\\\' will be considered for publication.

The Scholar Critic journal aims at providing a platform for the researchers, scholars and resource persons who like to contribute to the world of learning by sharing their research findings and analysis through this platform so as to exchange their ideas and thoughts in enriching each other.

We desire to help in the process of continuing learning in the field of academics and keep the new generation learners abreast with the current academic and intellectual trends in the areas of language, literature and cultural studies.

We look forward to receiving the submissions on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in humanities and social sciences with a focus on language and culture so that there will a scope for sharing the findings from the ongoing research around the world.